NÄRA- Personal assistance the way you want it.

To be able to offer “personal assistance closer to you” we start with this vision that is the guiding star for all our work: “We want to create a simpler everyday life for you”. Our vision leads us up to what we usually do on an everyday basis. We offer personal assistance and service based upon our clients’ possibilities and capacities. Together with our client we wish to develop a long term devoted co-operation by confidence and actions of the right quality.

More than 10 years of development.

NÄRA was founded 1995 by Ingrid Wikström. Over the years our company has grown, the employees have developed and the experience has transformed into usefulness for our clients. Our staff consists of first and foremost personal assistants working on the field with our clients. Except the basic work – to provide personal assistance closer to you – we offer a wide set of services within different areas.

One large area is to handle work-environmental issues, provide education and create conditions for education of our clients, our colleagues and our company. We do this by employing competent, experienced and creative staff. One other large area for our work is to provide practical help and support in issues concerning staff administration, handling of wages, taxes, holidays and accounting matters of different kinds for our clients as well as for ourselves. These tasks are handled by professional and experienced staff within financing and accounting at NÄRA.

The common task for everyone within our company is to support and simplify the lives of both clients and assistants by providing counsel and support, no matter how small or big the issue.

Adjustment to the client - Respect, consideration and adjustment according to the capacity and wishes of our clients are the very foundation for our working principles. Thus we always want to work as close to our client and his/her everyday situation as possible.

Knowledge and education - We run an extensive survey of the surrounding world in order to, at all times, keep updated and informed of new regulations, laws and options to improve our service for our clients. This knowledge we forward to our clients, their families and to our colleagues during regular informational and educational meetings

“Reliable, skilled and serious” - That is the image that we wish to pass on and that, happily enough, can be found in the judgement that we get from our clients and co-operational partners.